The Nürburgring

Who does not know it, the Nürburgring racing track? This track is not only a synonym for exciting motor sports n both two and four wheels, but also a golden opportunity for all the ambitious hobby racing drivers who seek to discover the racing driver in themselves and want to explore the legendary Nordschleife!

And for those who fancy a nice trip with the family the Nürburgring is also the ideal place to go! With its recently built ring°werk it is just perfect for a great day trip. In keeping with the motto: Discover, experience and marvel! Afterwards you might also want to visit the ring°boulevard that offers lots of shops and boutiques to shop around or just take a stroll.

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You want to drive on the world’s most legendary racing track by yourself and experience 20.8 km of speed and excitement?

We have the right arrangements for you and all the information necessary!